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BrihadArUpa1 20 This alone is also Brihaspati (lord of the Rik). Speech is indeed Brihati Rik() and this is its lord. Therefore this is also Brihaspati.
BrihadArUpa1 21 This alone is also Brahmanaspati (lord of the Yajus). Speech is indeed Brahman (yajus), and this is its lord. Therefore this is also Brahmanaspati.
BrihadArUpa1 22 This alone is also Saman. Speech is indeed Sa, and this is Ama. Because it is Sa (speech) and Ama (vital force), therefore Saman is so called. Or because it is equal to a white ant, equal to a mosquito, equal to an elephant, equal to these three worlds, equal to this universe, therefore this is also Saman. He who knows this saman (vital force) to be such attains union with it, or lives in the same world as it.
BrihadArUpa1 27 He who knows the support of this Saman (vital force) gets a resting place. Speech (certain parts of the body) is indeed its support. For resting on speech is the vital force thus chanted. Some say, resting on food (body).
BrihadArUpa4 5 When the Sun and the Moon have both set, and the fire has gone out, Yajnavalkya, what exactly serves as the light for a man Speech (sound) serves as his light. It is through the light of speech that he sits, goes out, works and returns. Therefore, O Emperor, even when one s own hand is not clearly visible, if a sound is uttered, one manages to go there. It is just so, Yajnavalkya
BrihadArUpa6 25 Then putting (his mouth) to the child s right ear, he should thrice repeat, Speech, speech Next mixing Curd, Honey and clarified Butter, he feeds him with (a strip of) gold not obstructed (by anything), saying, I put the Earth into you, I put the Sky into you, I put Heaven into you, I put the whole of the Earth, Sky and Heaven into you

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