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BrihadArUpa1 24 Regarding this (there is) also (a story) Brahmadatta, the great grandson of Cikitana, while drinking Soma, said, Let this Soma strike off my head if I say that Ayasya Angirasa chanted the Udgitha through any other than this (vital force and speech). Indeed he chanted through speech and the vital force.
BrihadArUpa1 6 Then he rubbed back and forth thus, and produced fire from its source, the mouth and the hands. Therefore both these are without hair at the inside. When they talk of particular Devas, saying, Sacrifice to him sacrifice to the other one (they are wrong, since) these are all his projection, for he is all the Devas. Now all this that is liquid, he produced from the seed. That is Soma. This universe is indeed this much food and the eater of food. Soma is food, and fire the eater of food. This is super creation of Viraj that he projected the Devas, who are even superior to him. Because he, although mortal himself, projected the immortals, therefore this is a super creation. He who knows this as such becomes (a creator) in this super creation of Viraj.
BrihadArUpa2 3 Gargya said, that being who is in the Moon, I meditate upon as Brahman Ajatasatru said, "Please don t talk about him. I meditate upon him as the great, white robed, radiant Soma. He who meditates upon him as such has abundant Soma pressed in his principal and auxiliary sacrifices every day, and his food never gets short.
BrihadArUpa2 15 Ajatasatru said, It is contrary to usage that a Brahmana should approach a Kshatriya thinking, "he will teach me about Brahman". However I will instruct you Taking Gargya by the hand he rose. They came to a sleeping man. Ajatasatru() addressed him by these names, Great, White robed, radiant, Soma The man did not get up. (The King) pushed him with the hand till he awoke. Then he got up.
BrihadArUpa3 23 What deity are you identified with in the north With the deity, Soma (the Moon and the creeper) On what does Soma rest On initiation On what does initiation rest On truth. Therefore do they say to one initiated, "Speak the truth"; for it is on truth that initiation rests On what does truth rest On the heart said Yajnavalkya, for one knows truth through the heart; therefore it is on the heart that truth rests It is just so, Yajnavalkya
BrihadArUpa6 16 While those who conquer the worlds through sacrifices, charity and austerity, reach the deity of smoke, from him the deity of the night, from him the deity of the fortnight in which the Moon wanes, from him the deities of the six months in which the Sun travels southward, from them the deity of the world of the Pitries (manes), and from him the Moon. Reaching the Moon they become food. There the Devas enjoy them as the priests drink the shining Soma juice (gradually, saying, as it were), Flourish, dwindle And when their past work is exhausted, they reach (become like) this ether, from the ether air, from air rain, and from rain the Earth. Reaching the Earth they become food. Then they are again offered in the fire of man, thence in the fire of Woman, whence they are born (and perform rites) with a view to going to other worlds. Thus do they rotate. While those others who do not know these two ways become insects and moths, and these frequently biting things (gnats and mosquitoes).
BrihadArUpa6 6 Then he drinks it saying, The radiant Sun is adorable The winds are blowing sweetly, the rivers are shedding Honey, may the herbs be sweet unto us Svaha to the Earth. Glory we meditate upon; May the nights and days be charming, and the dust of the Earth be sweet, may Heaven, our father, be gracious Svaha to the Sky. May he direct our intellect; May the Soma creeper be sweet unto us, may the Sun be kind, may the quarters be helpful to us Svaha to Heaven Then he repeats the whole Gayatri and the whole Madhumati, and says at the end, May I be all this Svaha to the Earth, Sky and Heaven. Then he drinks the whole remnant, washes his hands, and lies behind the fire with his head to the east. In the morning he salutes the Sun saying, Thou art the one lotus of the quarters; may I be the one lotus of men Then he returns the way he went, sits behind the fire, and repeats the line of teachers.

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