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BrihadArUpa5 1 That (intellect Brahman) was but this Satya (gross and subtle) alone. He who knows this great, adorable, first born (being) as the Satya Brahman, conquers these worlds, and his (enemy) is thus conquered and becomes non existent he who knows this great, adorable, first born (being) thus, as the Satya Brahman, for Satya is indeed Brahman.
BrihadArUpa5 1 This (universe) was but water (liquid oblations connected with sacrifices) in the beginning. That water produced Satya. Satya is Brahman. Brahman (produced) Prajapati, and Prajapati the Devas. Those Devas meditate upon Satya alone. This (name) Satya consists of three syllables Sacrifice is one syllable, Ti is another syllable, and "Ya is the third syllable. The first and last syllables are truth. In the middle is untruth. This untruth is enclosed on either side by truth. Hence() there is a preponderance of truth. One who knows as above is never hurt by untruth.
BrihadArUpa5 2 That which is Satya is that Sun the being who is in that orb and the being who is in the right eye. These two rest on each other. The former rests on the latter through the rays, and the latter rests on the former through the function of the eyes. When a man is about to leave the body, he sees the solar orb as clear. The rays no more come to him.
BrihadArUpa5 1 The face (nature) of Satya Brahman() is hidden (as it were) with a golden vessel. O Pusan (nourisher of the world the Sun), remove it, so that I, whose reality is Satya, may see (the face). O Pusan, O solitary Rishi (seer or traveller), O Yama (controller), O Surya (sun), O son of Prajapati God( or Hiranyagarbha), take away thy rays, curb thy brightness. I wish to behold that most benignant form of thine. I myself am that person; and I am immortal. (When my body falls) may my vital force return to the air (cosmic force), and this body too, reduced to ashes, (go to the Earth)! O fire, who art the syllable Aum O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done, O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done. O Agni, lead us along the good way towards our riches (deserts). O Lord, thou knowest everybody s mental states; remove the wily evil from us. We utter repeated salutations to thee.
BrihadArUpa6 15 Those who know this as such, and those others who meditate with faith upon the Satya Brahman in the forest, reach the deity identified with the flame, from him the deity of the day, from him the deity of the fortnight in which the Moon waxes, from him the deities of the six months in which the Sun travels northward, from them the deity identified with the world of the Devas, from him the Sun, and from the Sun the deity of lightning. (Then) a being created from the mind (of Hiranyagarbha) comes and conducts them to the worlds of Hiranyagarbha. They attain perfection and live in those worlds of Hiranyagarbha for a great many superfine years. They no more return to this world.

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