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BrihadArUpa4 1 Janaka, Emperor of Videha, rose from his lounge and approaching Yajnavalkya said, Salutations to you, Yajnavalkya, please instruct me Yajnavalkya replied, As one wishing to go a long distance, O Emperor, should secure a Chariot or a boat, so have you fully equipped your mind with so many secret names (of Brahman). You are likewise respected and wealthy, and you have studied the Vedas and heard the Upanishads; (but) where will you go when you are separated from this body I do not know, sir, where I shall go Then I will tell you where you will go Tell me, sir
BrihadArUpa4 4 Of the sage (who is identified with the vital force), the east is the eastern vital force, the south the southern vital force, the west the western vital force, the north the northern vital force, the direction above the upper vital force, the direction below the nether vital force, and all the quarters the different vital forces. This self is That which has been described as Not this, Not this It is imperceptible, for It is never perceived; undecaying, for It never decays; unattached, for It is never attached; unfettered It never feels pain, and never suffers injury. You have attained That which is free from fear, O Janaka said Yajnavalkya. Revered Yajnavalkya said Emperor Janaka, may That which is free from fear be yours, for you have made That which is free from fear known to us. Salutations to you Here is this (empire of) Videha, as well as myself at your service

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