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BrihadArUpa1 6 Then he rubbed back and forth thus, and produced fire from its source, the mouth and the hands. Therefore both these are without hair at the inside. When they talk of particular Devas, saying, Sacrifice to him sacrifice to the other one (they are wrong, since) these are all his projection, for he is all the Devas. Now all this that is liquid, he produced from the seed. That is Soma. This universe is indeed this much food and the eater of food. Soma is food, and fire the eater of food. This is super creation of Viraj that he projected the Devas, who are even superior to him. Because he, although mortal himself, projected the immortals, therefore this is a super creation. He who knows this as such becomes (a creator) in this super creation of Viraj.
BrihadArUpa5 1 This (universe) was but water (liquid oblations connected with sacrifices) in the beginning. That water produced Satya. Satya is Brahman. Brahman (produced) Prajapati, and Prajapati the Devas. Those Devas meditate upon Satya alone. This (name) Satya consists of three syllables Sacrifice is one syllable, Ti is another syllable, and "Ya is the third syllable. The first and last syllables are truth. In the middle is untruth. This untruth is enclosed on either side by truth. Hence() there is a preponderance of truth. One who knows as above is never hurt by untruth.

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