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BrihadArUpa1 20 This alone is also Brihaspati (lord of the Rik). Speech is indeed Brihati Rik() and this is its lord. Therefore this is also Brihaspati.
BrihadArUpa3 7 Yajnavalkya said he, with how many kinds of Rik will the Hotr do his part in this sacrifice to day With three kinds Which are those three The preliminary, the sacrificial, and the eulogistic hymns as the third What does he win through them All this that is living
BrihadArUpa6 20 He embraces her saying, I am the vital force, and you are speech; you are speech, and I am the vital force; I am Saman, and you are Rik; I am Heaven, and you are the Earth; come, let us strive together so that we may have a male child.

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