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BrihadArUpa1 1 In the beginning, this (universe) was but the self Viraj() of a human form. He reflected and found nothing else but himself. He first uttered, am he Therefore he was called Aham (I). Hence, to this day, when a person is addressed, he first says, It is I, and then says the other name that he may have. Because he was first and before this whole (band of aspirants) burnt all evils, therefore he is called Purusha. He who knows thus indeed burns one who wants to be Viraj() before him.
BrihadArUpa2 18 This is that meditation on things mutually helpful which Dadhyac, versed in the Atharva Veda, taught the Asvins. Perceiving this the Rishi said, He made bodies with two feet and bodies with four feet. That supreme Being first entered the bodies as a bird (the subtle body). On account of his dwelling in all bodies, He is called the Purusha. There is nothing that is not covered by Him, nothing that is not pervaded by Him.
BrihadArUpa4 7 Which is the self This infinite entity Purusha() that is identified with the intellect and is in the midst of the organs, the (self effulgent) light within the heart (intellect). Assuming the likeness (of the intellect), it moves between the two worlds; it thinks, as it were, and shakes, as it were. Being identified with dream, it transcends this world the forms of death (ignorance etc.).
BrihadArUpa4 11 Regarding this there are the following pithy verses The radiant infinite being Purusha() who moves alone, puts the body aside in the dream state, and remaining awake himself and taking the shining functions of the organs with him, watches those that are asleep. Again he comes to the waking state.

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