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BrihadArUpa5 1 Some say that food is Brahman. It is not so, for food rots without the vital force. Others say that the vital force is Brahman. It is not so, for the vital force dries up without food. But these two deities being united attain their highest. So Pratrda said to his father, What good indeed can I do to one who knows like this, and what evil indeed can I do to him either? The father, with a gesture of the hand, said, Of, no, Pratrda, for who would attain his highest by being identified with them Then he said to him this It is "Vi". Food is "vi", for all these creatures rest on food. It is Ram"". The vital force is Ram"", for all these creatures delight if there is the vital force On him who knows as above all creatures rest, and in him all creatures delight.

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