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BrihadArUpa6 16 While those who conquer the worlds through sacrifices, charity and austerity, reach the deity of smoke, from him the deity of the night, from him the deity of the fortnight in which the Moon wanes, from him the deities of the six months in which the Sun travels southward, from them the deity of the world of the Pitries (manes), and from him the Moon. Reaching the Moon they become food. There the Devas enjoy them as the priests drink the shining Soma juice (gradually, saying, as it were), Flourish, dwindle And when their past work is exhausted, they reach (become like) this ether, from the ether air, from air rain, and from rain the Earth. Reaching the Earth they become food. Then they are again offered in the fire of man, thence in the fire of Woman, whence they are born (and perform rites) with a view to going to other worlds. Thus do they rotate. While those others who do not know these two ways become insects and moths, and these frequently biting things (gnats and mosquitoes).

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