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BrihadArUpa6 1 He who wishes to attain greatness (should perform) on an auspicious day in a fortnight in which the Moon waxes, and under a male constellation, during the northward march of the Sun, (a sacrifice in the following manner) He should undertake for twelve days a vow connected with the Upasads (i.e. live on Milk), collect in a cup of bowl made of fig wood all herbs and their grains, sweep and plaster (the ground), purify the offerings in the prescribed manner, interpose the Mantha (paste made of those things), and offer oblations with the following Mantras O Agni, to all those Devas under you, who spitefully frustrate men s desires, I offer their share. May they, being satisfied, satisfy me with all objects of desire Svaha. To that all procuring deity who turns out spiteful under your protection, thinking she is the support of all, I offer this stream of clarified Butter. Svaha

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