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BrihadArUpa1 12 Heaven is the body of this mind, and that Sun is its luminous organ. And as far as the mind extends, so far extends Heaven, and so far does that Sun. The two were united, and from that the vital force emanated. It is the Supreme Lord. It is without a rival. A second being is indeed a rival. He who knows it as such has no rival.
BrihadArUpa2 6 Gargya said, This being who is in air, I meditate upon as Brahman Ajatasatru said, "Please don t talk about him. I meditate upon him as the Lord, as irresistible, and as the unvanquished army. He who meditates upon him as such ever becomes victorious and invincible, and conquers his enemies.
BrihadArUpa2 19 This is that meditation on things mutually helpful which Dadhyac, versed in the Atharva Veda, taught the Asvins. Perceiving this the Rishi said, (He) transformed Himself in accordance with each form; that form of His was for the sake of making Him known. The Lord on account of Maya (notions superimposed by ignorance) is perceived as manifold, for to Him are yoked ten organs, nay, hundreds of them. He is the organs; He is ten and thousands many and infinite. That Brahman is without prior or posterior, without interior or exterior. This self, the perceiver of everything, is Brahman. This is the teaching.
BrihadArUpa4 15 When a man after (receiving instructions from a teacher) directly realises this effulgent Self, the Lord of all that has been and will be, he no longer wishes to hide himself from it.
BrihadArUpa5 1 The face (nature) of Satya Brahman() is hidden (as it were) with a golden vessel. O Pusan (nourisher of the world the Sun), remove it, so that I, whose reality is Satya, may see (the face). O Pusan, O solitary Rishi (seer or traveller), O Yama (controller), O Surya (sun), O son of Prajapati God( or Hiranyagarbha), take away thy rays, curb thy brightness. I wish to behold that most benignant form of thine. I myself am that person; and I am immortal. (When my body falls) may my vital force return to the air (cosmic force), and this body too, reduced to ashes, (go to the Earth)! O fire, who art the syllable Aum O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done, O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done. O Agni, lead us along the good way towards our riches (deserts). O Lord, thou knowest everybody s mental states; remove the wily evil from us. We utter repeated salutations to thee.

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