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BrihadArUpa4 7 Regarding this there is this pithy verse When all the desires that dwell in his heart (mind) are gone, then he, having been mortal, becomes immortal, and attains Brahman in this very body Just as the lifeless Slough of a snake is cast off and lies in the ant hill, so does this body lie. Then the self becomes disembodied and immortal, (becomes) the Prana (Supreme Self), Brahman, the Light. I give you a thousand (cows), sir said Janaka, Emperor of Videha.
BrihadArUpa4 9 Some speak of it as white, others as blue, grey, green, or red. This path is realised by a Brahmana (knower of Brahman). Any other knower of Brahman who has done good deeds and is identified with the Supreme Light, (also) treads this path.
BrihadArUpa4 16 Below which the year with its days rotates, upon that immortal Light of all lights the Devas meditate as longevity.

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