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BrihadArUpa4 2 Let me hear what any one of your teachers may have told you Jitvan, the son of Silina, has told me that the organ of speech (fire) is Brahman As one who has a mother, a father and a teacher should say, so has the son of Silina said this that the organ of speech is Brahman, for what can a person have who cannot speak? But did he tell you about its abode (body) and support? No, he did not This Brahman is only one footed, O Emperor Then you tell us, Yajnavalkya The organ of speech is its abode, and the ether (the Undifferentiated) its support. It should be meditated upon as intelligence What is intelligence, Yajnavalkya The organ of speech itself, O Emperor said Yajnavalkya, through the organ of speech, O Emperor, friend is known; The Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharvangirasa, Vedic() history, mythology, arts, Upanishads, verses, aphorisms, elucidations and explanations, (the effects of) sacrifices, (of) offering oblations in the fire and (of) giving food and drink, this world and the next, and all beings are known through the organ of speech alone, O Emperor. The organ of speech, O Emperor, is the supreme Brahman. The organ of speech never leaves him who, knowing thus, meditates upon it, all beings eagerly come to him, and being a Deva, he attains the Devas. I give you a thousand cows with a bull like an elephant said Emperor Janaka. Yajnavalkya replied, My father was of opinion that one should not accept (wealth) from a disciple

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