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BrihadArUpa1 1 There was nothing whatsoever here in the beginning. It was covered only by Death Hiranyagarbha(), or Hunger, for hunger is death. He created the mind, thinking, Let me have a mind He moved about worshipping (himself). As he was worshipping, water was produced. (Since he thought), As I was worshipping, water sprang up therefore Arka (fire) is so called. Water (or happiness) surely comes to one who knows how Arka (fire) came to have this name of Arka.
BrihadArUpa1 4 He desired, Let me have a second form (body). He, Death or Hunger, brought about the union of speech (the Vedas) with the mind. What was the seed there became the Year Viraj(). Before him there had been no year. He Death() reared him for as long as a year, and after this period projected him. When he was born, Death() opened his mouth (to swallow him). He (the babe) cried Bhan! That became speech.

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