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BrihadArUpa6 6 Then he drinks it saying, The radiant Sun is adorable The winds are blowing sweetly, the rivers are shedding Honey, may the herbs be sweet unto us Svaha to the Earth. Glory we meditate upon; May the nights and days be charming, and the dust of the Earth be sweet, may Heaven, our father, be gracious Svaha to the Sky. May he direct our intellect; May the Soma creeper be sweet unto us, may the Sun be kind, may the quarters be helpful to us Svaha to Heaven Then he repeats the whole Gayatri and the whole Madhumati, and says at the end, May I be all this Svaha to the Earth, Sky and Heaven. Then he drinks the whole remnant, washes his hands, and lies behind the fire with his head to the east. In the morning he salutes the Sun saying, Thou art the one lotus of the quarters; may I be the one lotus of men Then he returns the way he went, sits behind the fire, and repeats the line of teachers.
BrihadArUpa6 13 Four things are made of fig wood the ladle, the bowl, the fuel and the two mixing rods. The cultivated grains are ten in number Rice, barley, sesame, beans, Anu, Priyangu, wheat, lentils, pulse and vetches. They should be crushed and soaked in Curds, Honey and clarified Butter, and offered as an oblation.
BrihadArUpa6 25 Then putting (his mouth) to the child s right ear, he should thrice repeat, Speech, speech Next mixing Curd, Honey and clarified Butter, he feeds him with (a strip of) gold not obstructed (by anything), saying, I put the Earth into you, I put the Sky into you, I put Heaven into you, I put the whole of the Earth, Sky and Heaven into you

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