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BrihadArUpa1 17 Now therefore the entrusting When a man thinks he will die, he says to his son, You are Brahman, you are the sacrifice, and you are the world The son replies, I am Brahman, I am the sacrifice, and I am the world. (The father thinks Whatever is studied is all unified in the word Brahman"". Whatever sacrifices there are, are all unified in the word "sacrifice". And whatever worlds there are, are all unified in the world "world". All this (the duties of a householder) is indeed this much. He, being all this, will protect me from (the ties of) this world. Therefor they speak of an educated son as being conducive to the world. Hence (a father) teaches his son. When a father who knows as above departs from this world, he penetrates his son together with the organ of speech, the mind and the vital force. Should anything be left undone by him through any slip the son exonerates him from all that. Therefore he is called a son. The father lives in this world through the son. Divine and immortal speech, mind and vital force permeate him.

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