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BrihadArUpa6 15 He who wishes that his son should be born tawny or brown, study two Vedas and attain a full term of life, should have Rice cooked in Curd, and he and his Wife should eat it with clarified Butter. Then they would be able to produce such a son.
BrihadArUpa6 24 When (the son) is born, he should bring in the fire, take him in his lap, put a mixture of Curd and clarified Butter in a cup, and offer oblations again and again with that, saying, Growing in this home of mine (as the son), may I maintain a thousand people May (the goddess of fortune) never depart with children and animals from his line Svaha. The vital force that is in me, I mentally transfer to you. Svaha. If I have done anything too much or to little in this ceremony, may the all knowing beneficent fire make it just right for me neither too much nor too little Svaha.
BrihadArUpa6 25 Then putting (his mouth) to the child s right ear, he should thrice repeat, Speech, speech Next mixing Curd, Honey and clarified Butter, he feeds him with (a strip of) gold not obstructed (by anything), saying, I put the Earth into you, I put the Sky into you, I put Heaven into you, I put the whole of the Earth, Sky and Heaven into you

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