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BrihadArUpa1 1 Aum. The head of the sacrificial Horse is the dawn, its eye the Sun, its vital force the air, its open mouth the fire called Vaisvanara, and the body of the sacrificial Horse is the year. Its back is Heaven, its belly the Sky, its hoof the Earth, its sides the four quarters, its ribs the intermediate quarters, its members the seasons, its joints the months and fortnights, its feet the days and nights, its bones the Stars and its flesh the clouds. Its half digested food is the sand, its blood vessels the rivers, its liver and spleen the mountains, its hairs the herbs and trees. Its forepart is the ascending Sun, its hind part the descending Sun, its yawning is lightning, its shaking the body is thundering, its making water is raining, and its neighing is voice.
BrihadArUpa2 1 Aum. There was a man of the Garga family called Proud Balaki, who was a speaker. He said to Ajatasatru, the king of Benares, I will tell you about Brahman Ajatasatru said, For this proposal I give you a thousand (cows). People indeed rush saying Janaka", Janaka". (I too have some of his qualities.)
BrihadArUpa3 1 Aum. Janaka, Emperor of Videha, performed a sacrifice in which gifts were freely distributed. Vedic scholars from Kuru and Panchala were assembled there. Emperor Janaka of Videha had a desire to know, Which is the most erudite of these Vedic scholars He had a thousand cows confined in a pen, and on the horns of each cow were fixed ten Padas (of gold).
BrihadArUpa4 1 Aum. Janaka, Emperor of Videha, took his seat, when there came Yajnavalkya. Janaka said to him, Yajnavalkya, what has brought you here To have some animals, or to hear some subtle questions asked Both, O Emperor said Yajnavalkya.
BrihadArUpa5 1 Aum. That Brahman() is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite. The infinite proceeds from the infinite. (Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe), it remains as the infinite Brahman() alone. Aum is the ether Brahman the eternal ether. The ether containing air, says the son of Kauravyayani. It is the Veda, (so) the Brahmans (knowers of Brahman) know; (for) through it one knows what is to be known.
BrihadArUpa5 1 The face (nature) of Satya Brahman() is hidden (as it were) with a golden vessel. O Pusan (nourisher of the world the Sun), remove it, so that I, whose reality is Satya, may see (the face). O Pusan, O solitary Rishi (seer or traveller), O Yama (controller), O Surya (sun), O son of Prajapati God( or Hiranyagarbha), take away thy rays, curb thy brightness. I wish to behold that most benignant form of thine. I myself am that person; and I am immortal. (When my body falls) may my vital force return to the air (cosmic force), and this body too, reduced to ashes, (go to the Earth)! O fire, who art the syllable Aum O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done, O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done. O Agni, lead us along the good way towards our riches (deserts). O Lord, thou knowest everybody s mental states; remove the wily evil from us. We utter repeated salutations to thee.
BrihadArUpa6 1 Aum. He who knows that which is the oldest and greatest, becomes the oldest and greatest among his relatives. The vital force is indeed the oldest and greatest. He who knows it to be such becomes the oldest and greatest among his relatives as well as among those of whom he wants to be such.

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