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BrihadArUpa1 7 He desired, Let this body of mine be fit for a sacrifice, and let me be embodied through this (and entered it). Because the body swelled Asvat(), therefore it came to be called Asva Horse(). And because it became fit for a sacrifice, therefore the Horse sacrifice came to be known as Asvamedha. He who knows it thus indeed knows the Horse sacrifice. (Imagining himself as the Horse and) letting it remain free, he reflected (on it). After a year he sacrificed it to himself, and dispatched the (other) animals to the Devas. Therefore (priests to this day) sacrifice to Prajapati the sanctified Horse() that is dedicated to all the Devas. He who shines yonder is the Horse sacrifice; his body is the year. This fire is Arka; its limbs are these worlds. So these two (fire and the Sun) are Arka and the Horse sacrifice. These two again become the same Deva, Death. He (who knows thus) conquers further death, death cannot overtake him, it becomes his self, and he becomes one with these deities.

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