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BrihadArUpa6 5 Aruni said, You have promised me this boon. Please tell me what you spoke to my boy about
BrihadArUpa6 7 Aruni said, You know that I already have gold, cattle and Horses, maid servants, retinue, and dress. Be not ungenerous towards me alone regarding this plentiful, infinite and inexhaustible (wealth). Then you must seek it according to form, Gautama I approach you (as a student) The ancients used to approach a teacher simply through declaration. Aruni lived as a student by merely announcing that he was at his service.
BrihadArUpa6 7 Uddalaka, the son of Aruni, taught this to his pupil Yajnavalkya, the Vajasaneya, and said, Should one sprinkle it even on a dry stump, branches would grow and leaves sprout

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