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BrihadArUpa1 1 In the beginning, this (universe) was but the self Viraj() of a human form. He reflected and found nothing else but himself. He first uttered, am he Therefore he was called Aham (I). Hence, to this day, when a person is addressed, he first says, It is I, and then says the other name that he may have. Because he was first and before this whole (band of aspirants) burnt all evils, therefore he is called Purusha. He who knows thus indeed burns one who wants to be Viraj() before him.
BrihadArUpa5 4 Of this being who is in the right eye, the syllable Bhur is the head, for there is one head, and there is this one syllable; the word Bhuvar is the arms, for there are two arms, and there are these two syllables; the word Svar is the feet, for there are two feet, and there are these two syllables. His secret name is Aham He who knows as above destroys and shuns evil.

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