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BrihadArUpa1 2 Water is Arka. What was there (like) forth on the water was solidified and became this Earth. When that was produced, he was tired. While he was (thus) tired and distressed, his essence, or lustre, came forth. This was Agni.
BrihadArUpa1 22 Now with reference to the Devas Agni took a vow, I will go on burning. The Sun I will give heat The Moon I will shine And so did the other Devas according to their functions. As is the vital force in the body among these organs, so is Vayu (air) among these Devas. Other Devas sink, but not air. Vayu is the deity that never sets.
BrihadArUpa3 10 Yajnavalkya said he, since all this is the food of death, who is that Deva whose food is death Agni is death; it is the food of water. (One who knows thus) conquers further death
BrihadArUpa3 2 Yajnavalkya said, The Gandharva evidently told you that they went where the performers of the Horse sacrifice go And where do the performers of the Horse sacrifice go Thirty two times the space covered by the Sun s Chariot in a day makes this world; around it, covering twice the area, is the Earth; around the Earth, covering twice the area, is the ocean. Now, as is the edge of a razor, or the wing of a fly, so is there just that much opening at the junction (of the two halves of the cosmic shell). (Through that they go out.) Agni, in the form of a Falcon, delivered them to the Vayu; Vayu, the air, putting them in itself, took them where the (previous) performers of the Horse sacrifice were Thus did the Gandharva praise the air. Therefore the air is the diversity of individuals, and the air is the aggregate. He who knows it as such conquers further death. Thereupon Bhujyu, the grandson of Lahya, kept silent.
BrihadArUpa3 3 Which are the Vasus Agni (fire), the Prithvi Earth(), Vayu (air), the Sky, the Sun, Heaven, the Moon and the Stars these are the Vasus, for in these all this is placed; therefore they are called Vasus.
BrihadArUpa3 7 Which are the six Devas() Agni, the Earth, Vayu (air), the Sky, the Sun, and Heaven these are the six. Because all those Devas() are (comprised in) these six.
BrihadArUpa5 8 On this Janaka, Emperor of Videha, is said to have told Budila, the son of Asvatarasva, Well, you gave yourself out as a knower of the Gayatri; then why, alas, are you carrying (me) as an elephant He replied, Because I did not know its mouth, O Emperor Agni is its mouth. Even if they put a large quantity of fuel into the fire, it is all burnt up. Similarly, even if one who knows as above commits a great many sins, he consumes them all and becomes pure, cleansed, undecaying and immortal
BrihadArUpa5 1 The face (nature) of Satya Brahman() is hidden (as it were) with a golden vessel. O Pusan (nourisher of the world the Sun), remove it, so that I, whose reality is Satya, may see (the face). O Pusan, O solitary Rishi (seer or traveller), O Yama (controller), O Surya (sun), O son of Prajapati God( or Hiranyagarbha), take away thy rays, curb thy brightness. I wish to behold that most benignant form of thine. I myself am that person; and I am immortal. (When my body falls) may my vital force return to the air (cosmic force), and this body too, reduced to ashes, (go to the Earth)! O fire, who art the syllable Aum O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done, O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done. O Agni, lead us along the good way towards our riches (deserts). O Lord, thou knowest everybody s mental states; remove the wily evil from us. We utter repeated salutations to thee.
BrihadArUpa6 1 He who wishes to attain greatness (should perform) on an auspicious day in a fortnight in which the Moon waxes, and under a male constellation, during the northward march of the Sun, (a sacrifice in the following manner) He should undertake for twelve days a vow connected with the Upasads (i.e. live on Milk), collect in a cup of bowl made of fig wood all herbs and their grains, sweep and plaster (the ground), purify the offerings in the prescribed manner, interpose the Mantha (paste made of those things), and offer oblations with the following Mantras O Agni, to all those Devas under you, who spitefully frustrate men s desires, I offer their share. May they, being satisfied, satisfy me with all objects of desire Svaha. To that all procuring deity who turns out spiteful under your protection, thinking she is the support of all, I offer this stream of clarified Butter. Svaha

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