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tkl.1.3.03 Those who have attained the power which religious discipline confers, will be able also to pass the limit of Yama, (the God of death).
tkl.1.3.09 Yama, the destroyer of life, will not attack the life of him, who acts under the determination of never destroying life.
tkl.2.3.04 That indeed is an Army which is capable of offering a united resistance, even if Yama advances against it with fury.
tkl.2.3.17 The weak doing Evil to the strong is like beckoning Yama to come (and destroy them).
tkl.3.1.01 I never knew before what is called Yama; I see it now; it is the Eyes that carry on a great fight with (the help of) Female qualities.
tkl.3.1.01 Is it Yama, (a pair of) Eyes or a hind Are not all these Three in the looks of this maid

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