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tkl.1.2.02 If Women shew reverence to their Husbands, they will obtain great excellence in the World where the gods flourish.
tkl.2.3.10 The Friendship of those who seem to be Friends while they are not, will change like the Love of Women.
tkl.2.3.18 2.3.18. Being led by Women
tkl.2.3.19 2.3.19. Wanton Women
tkl.2.3.19 Weighing such Women s worth, from their society depart.
tkl.2.3.19 One must ascertain the character of the ill natured Women who after ascertaining the Wealth (of a man) speak (as if they were) good natured ones, and avoid Intercourse (with them).
tkl.2.3.19 Is he who seeks delight in mercenary Women s charms!
tkl.2.3.19 The false embraces of Wealth loving Women are like (hired men) embracing a strange corpse in a dark room.
tkl.2.3.19 The wise say that to such as are destitute of discerning sense the embraces of faithless Women are (as ruinous as those of) the celestail Female.
tkl.2.3.19 Women of double minds, strong drink, and Dice; to these giv n o er,
tkl.2.3.19 TreacHerous Women, Liquor, and Gambling are the associates of such as have forsaken by Fortune.
tkl.2.4.03 Like single Hearted Women, greatness too,
tkl.3.1.03 The (simultaneous) enjoyment of the Five senses of Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch can only be found with bright Braceleted Women().
tkl.3.1.04 If you can indeed shine like the face of Women, flourish, O Moon, for then would you be worth loving
tkl.3.1.06 Even the Lust (of Women) transgresses its secrecy and appears in public, forgetting that they are too chaste and liberal (to be overcome by it).
tkl.3.1.07 This malady (of Lust) is manured by the talk of Women and Watered by the (harsh) words of my mother.
tkl.3.2.05 The Women who are beloved by those whom they Love, have they have not got the stone less Fruit of sexual delight
tkl.3.2.05 Even those who are esteemed (by other Women) are devoid of excellence, if they are not Loved by their beloved.
tkl.3.2.07 The Women of this place say he has forsaken me in my wakefulness. I think they have not seen him visit me in my dreams.
tkl.3.2.08 Live, O you evening are you (the former) evening? No, you are the season that slays (married) Women.
tkl.3.2.09 When I once loosened the arms that were in embrace, the forehead of the Gold Braceleted Women turned sallow.
tkl.3.2.14 If Women have a Lust that exceeds even the measure of the Palmyra Fruit, they will not Desire (to feign) dislike even as much as the millet.
tkl.3.2.17 Even when I try to remove her dislike, she is displeased and says, "This is the way you behave towards (other Women)."

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