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tkl.1.2.11 He who Desires not the Womanhood of her who should walk according to the will of another will be praised as a virtuous house holder.
tkl.1.2.11 Though a man perform no virtuous deeds and commit (every) Vice, it will be well if he Desire not the Womanhood of her who is within the limit (of the house) of another.
tkl.2.1.03 The Desire of the unlearned to speak (in an assembly), is like a Woman without Breasts desiring (the enjoyment of Womanhood.
tkl.2.3.18 The dignity of modest Womanhood excels
tkl.2.3.18 Even shame faced Womanhood is more to be esteemed than the shameless manhood that performs the behests of a Wife.
tkl.3.2.13 Is Womanhood s most Womanly device, men say.

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