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tkl.1.1.03 He who guides his Five senses by the hook of Wisdom will be a seed in the World of Heaven.
tkl.1.2.03 Their Children s Wisdom greater than their own confessed,
tkl.1.2.03 When Mother hears him named fulfill d of Wisdom s lore,
tkl.1.2.09 If versed in Wisdom s lore by Virtue s law you self restrain.
tkl.1.2.16 A man who never righteous Wisdom gains.
tkl.1.2.17 So shalt thou Wisdom s highest law, tis said, fulfil.
tkl.1.2.20 Are Fruits which only Wisdom rare can yield.
tkl.1.3.01 When Souls unwise true Wisdom s mystic vision see,
tkl.1.3.01 If you consider, the Virtue of him who is without Kindness is like the perception of the true being by him who is without Wisdom.
tkl.1.3.05 They cannot walk restrained in Wisdom s measured bound,
tkl.1.3.05 Who long for power by measured Wisdom won.
tkl.1.3.05 As Virtue dwells in Heart that measured Wisdom gains;
tkl.1.3.08 From Wisdom s vaunted lore what doth the learner gain,
tkl.1.3.09 This the chief and sum of lore that hoarded Wisdom gives.
tkl.1.3.12 Tis Wisdom s part in each the very thing to see.
tkl.1.3.12 The truth of things, man s dignity tis Wisdom true.
tkl.1.4.01 The fate that loss ordains makes wise men s Wisdom foolishness;
tkl.1.4.01 The fate that gain bestows with ampler powers will Wisdom bless.
tkl.1.4.01 The Wisdom, truly his, will gain supremacy.
tkl.1.4.01 While other some have Souls in Wisdom s radiance bright.
tkl.2.1.01 Courage, a liberal hand, Wisdom, and Energy: these Four
tkl.2.1.01 Never to fail in these Four things, Fearlessness, Liberality, Wisdom, and Energy, is the Kingly character.
tkl.2.1.02 The more you learn, the freer streams of Wisdom flow.
tkl.2.1.03 From blockheads Lips, when words of Wisdom glibly flow,
tkl.2.1.03 Than Poverty to men of goodly Wisdom brings.
tkl.2.1.05 True Wisdom wards off woes, A circling Fortress high;
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom is a Weapon to ward off destruction; it is an inner Fortress which Enemies cannot destroy.
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom restrains, nor suffers mind to wander where it would;
tkl.2.1.05 Not to permit the mind to go where it lists, to keep it from Evil, and to employ it in good, this is Wisdom.
tkl.2.1.05 Tis Wisdom s part in each the true thing to discern.
tkl.2.1.05 To discern the truth in every thing, by whomsoever spoken, is Wisdom.
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom hath use of lucid Speech, words that acceptance win,
tkl.2.1.05 To speak so as that the meaning may easily enter the mind of the hearer, and to discern the subtlest thought which may lie hidden in the words of others, this is Wisdom.
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom embraces frank the world, to no caprice exposed;
tkl.2.1.05 To secure the Friendship of the great is true Wisdom; it is (also) Wisdom to keep (that Friendship unchanged, and) not opening and closing (like the Lotus Flower).
tkl.2.1.05 To live as the World lives, is Wisdom.
tkl.2.1.05 To fear where cause of fear exists is Wisdom s part.
tkl.2.1.05 Those who possess Wisdom, possess every thing; those who have not Wisdom, whatever they may possess, have nothing.
tkl.2.1.07 As Friends the men who Virtue know, and riper Wisdom share,
tkl.2.1.08 As man s companionship so will his Wisdom show.
tkl.2.1.08 Man s Wisdom seems the offspring of his mind;
tkl.2.1.08 Wisdom appears to rest in the mind, but it really exists to a man in his companions.
tkl.2.1.14 A loyal Love with Wisdom, Clearness, Mind from Avarice free;
tkl.2.1.14 (A King s) work can only be accomplished by a man of Wisdom and patient endurance; it is not of a nature to be given to one from mere personal attachment.
tkl.2.1.16 Perpetual, Poverty is death to Wisdom of the wise;
tkl.2.1.16 Decisive Wisdom sums of every school.
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister is he who grasps, with Wisdom large,
tkl.2.2.01 Learn d Wisdom, manly effort with the former Five combined.
tkl.2.3.12 The want of Wisdom is the greatest of all wants; but that of Wealth the World will not regard as such.
tkl.2.3.12 What is called want of Wisdom is the vanity which says, "We are wise".
tkl.2.3.19 The men with sense of good and lofty Wisdom blest will flee;
tkl.2.3.19 To men devoid of Wisdom s searching power will prove.

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