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tkl.1.2.18 Is as when Water fills the Lake that Village needs supplies.
tkl.1.3.06 Outward purity the Water will bestow;
tkl.1.3.06 Purity of body is produced by Water and purity of mind by truthfulness.
tkl.2.1.02 Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the depth to which it is dug, and Knowledge will flow from a man in proportion to his learning.
tkl.2.1.08 As Water changes (its nature), from the nature of the soil (in which it flows), so will the character of men resemble that of their associates.
tkl.2.1.12 The Crocodile prevails in its own flow of Water wide,
tkl.2.1.12 In deep Water, a Crocodile will conquer (all other Animals); but if it leave the Water, other Animals will conquer it.
tkl.2.1.15 The Wealth of one who does not mingle freely with his relatives, will be like the filling of Water in a spacious tank that has no banks.
tkl.2.1.22 The stalks of Water Flowers are proportionate to the depth of Water; so is men s greatness proportionate to their minds.
tkl.2.2.03 In pot of clay unburnt he Water pours and would retain,
tkl.2.2.03 (For a Minister) to protect (his King) with Wealth obtained by foul means is like preserving a Vessel of wet clay by filling it with Water.
tkl.2.2.08 Is sprinkling Water on the fields of growing grain!
tkl.2.3.02 A Fort is that which has everlasting Water, plains, Mountains and cool shady Forests.
tkl.2.3.16 Water and shade, if they unwholesome prove, will bring you pain.
tkl.2.3.16 Shade and Water are not pleasant, (if) they cause Disease; so are the qualities of (one s) relations not agreeable, (if) they cause pain.
tkl.2.3.20 Reasoning with a Drunkard is like going under Water with a torch in search of a drowned man.
tkl.2.4.10 The destitute poor, who do not renounce their bodies, only consume their Neighbour s salt and Water.
tkl.2.4.12 Though mess of pottage as tasteless as the Water clear.
tkl.2.4.12 Even if a draught of Water for a Cow you ask,
tkl.2.4.12 There is nothing more disgraceful to one s Tongue than to use it in begging Water even for a Cow.
tkl.3.1.02 On springing shoot of Love its Water shed!
tkl.3.1.05 The Water which oozes from the White teeth of this soft speeched Damsel is like a mixture of milk and honey.
tkl.3.1.07 Manures it; my Mother s word doth Water it.
tkl.3.2.16 Water is pleasant in the cooling shade;
tkl.3.2.16 Like Water in the shade, dislike is delicious only in those who Love.
tkl.3.2.18 Than coyness gives, when Hearts as Earth and Water join?
tkl.3.2.18 Is there a celestial land that can please like the feigned dislike of those whose union resembles that of Earth and Water?

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