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tkl.1.2.04 Is there any fastening that can shut in Love Tears of the affectionate will publish the Love that is within.
tkl.1.2.07 Friendship of those who wiped on Earth, The Tears of Sorrow from their Eyes.
tkl.1.2.09 If not, through fault of Tongue, they bitter Tears shall weep.
tkl.2.1.18 His people s Tears of Sorrow past endurance, are not they
tkl.2.1.18 Will not the Tears, shed by a people who cannot endure the oppression which they suffer (from their King), become a saw to waste away his Wealth
tkl.2.2.03 What s gained through Tears with Tears shall go;
tkl.2.2.03 All that has been obtained with Tears (to the victim) will depart with Tears (to himself); but what has been by fair means; though with loss at first, will afterwards yield Fruit.
tkl.2.3.05 If Monarch s Eyes o erflow with Tears for Hero slain,
tkl.2.3.05 If Heroes() can so die as to fill with Tears the Eyes of their rulers, such a death deserves to be obtained even by begging.
tkl.2.3.10 Such are the Tears that fall from Foeman s Eyes.
tkl.2.3.10 A Weapon may be hid in the very hands with which (one s) Foes adore (him) (and) the Tears they shed are of the same nature.
tkl.3.2.02 It knows not how through floods of its own Tears to swim.
tkl.3.2.02 Could mine Eyes travel like my thoughts to the abode (of my absent lord), they would not swim in this flood of Tears.
tkl.3.2.03 Those Eyes have wept till all the fount of Tears is dry,
tkl.3.2.03 These painted Eyes have caused me a lasting mortal Disease; and now they can weep no more, the Tears having dried up.
tkl.3.2.03 The Eyes that became tender and gazed intently on him, may they suffer so much as to dry up the fountain of their Tears.
tkl.3.2.09 The eye, with Sorrow wan, all wet with dew of Tears,
tkl.3.2.09 The discoloured Eyes that shed Tears profusely seem to betray the Unkindness of our beloved.
tkl.3.2.17 She cried, There, then, I read your thought And straight dissolved in Tears.
tkl.3.2.17 When I said I would never part from her in this life her Eyes were filled with Tears.

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