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tkl.2.1.21 Let a King consider as his Eyes these Two things, a Spy and a Book (of laws) universally esteemed.
tkl.2.1.21 It is the duty of a King to know quickly (by a Spy) what all happens, daily, amongst all men.
tkl.2.1.21 There is no way for a King to obtain conquests, who knows not the advantage of discoveries made by a Spy.
tkl.2.1.21 He is a Spy who watches all men, to wit, those who are in the King s employment, his relatives, and his Enemies.
tkl.2.1.21 A Spy is one who is able to assume an appearance which may create no suspicion (in the minds of others), who fears no man s face, and who never reveals (his purpose).
tkl.2.1.21 A Spy, whate er men do, must watchful mind display.
tkl.2.1.21 He is a Spy who, assuming the appearance of an Ascetic, goes into (whatever place he wishes), examines into (all, that is needful), and never discovers himself, whatever may be done to him.
tkl.2.1.21 A Spy must search each hidden matter out,
tkl.2.1.21 A Spy is one who is able to discover what is hidden and who retains no doubt concerning what he has known.
tkl.2.1.21 Let not a King receive the information which a Spy has discovered and made known to him, until he has examined it by another Spy.
tkl.2.1.21 One Spy must not another see: contrive it so;
tkl.2.1.21 Reward not trusty Spy in others sight,
tkl.2.1.21 Let not a King publicly confer on a Spy any marks of his favour; if he does, he will divulge his own secret.

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