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tkl.2.2.05 Love (to his Sovereign), Knowledge (of his affairs), and a discriminating Power of Speech (before other Sovereigns) are the Three sine qua non qualifications of an Ambassador.
tkl.2.2.05 To be powerful in politics among those who are learned (in ethics) is the character of him who speaks to lance bearing kings on matters of triumph (to his own Sovereign).
tkl.2.2.05 He is an Ambassador who (in the presence of foreign rulers) speaks briefly, avoids harshness, talks so as to make them smile, and thus brings good (to his own Sovereign).
tkl.2.2.05 The qualifications of him who faithfully delivers his Sovereign( s) message are purity, the support (of foreign Ministers), and boldness, with truthfulness in addition to the (aforesaid) Three.
tkl.2.2.05 He alone is fit to communicate (his Sovereign s) reply, who possesses the firmness not to utter even inadvertently what may reflect discredit (on the latter).
tkl.2.2.05 He is the Ambassador who fearlessly seeks his Sovereign s good though it should cost him his life (to deliver his message).
tkl.2.2.06 While in the presence of the Sovereign, Ministers should neither whisper to nor smile at others.
tkl.2.2.06 Those whose judgement is firm will not do what is disagreeable (to the Sovereign) saying (within themselves) "We are esteemed by the King".
tkl.2.3.01 A Kingdom is that which can bear any burden that may be pressed on it (from adjoining Kingdoms) and (yet) pay the full tribute to its Sovereign.
tkl.2.3.01 A Kingdom is that which is without various (irregular) associations, destructive internal Enemies, and murderous savages who (sometimes) harass the Sovereign.
tkl.2.3.01 Although in possession of all the above mentioned excellences, these are indeed of no use to a Country, in the absence of harmony between the Sovereign and the sujects.

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