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tkl.1.2.17 Let him not do Evil to others who Desires not that Sorrows should pursue him.
tkl.1.3.01 (The wise) say that those who neglect Kindness and practise cruelties, neglected Virtue (in their former birth), and forgot (the Sorrows which they must suffer.)
tkl.1.3.04 The false conduct of those who say they have renounced all Desire will one day bring them Sorrows that will make them cry out, "Oh! what have we done, what have we done."
tkl.1.3.11 Sorrows will never let go their hold of those who give not up their hold of Desire.
tkl.1.3.12 Even while in this body, joy will never depart (from the mind, in which) Desire, that Sorrow of Sorrows, has been destroyed.
tkl.2.1.24 He who Desires not Pleasure, but Desires labour, will be a pillar to sustain his relations, wiping away their Sorrows.
tkl.2.1.25 Nor meets with troubled mind the Sorrows it expects.
tkl.2.1.25 Mid Sorrows, Sorrow cannot touch his soul.
tkl.2.3.21 They suffer grievous want, and Sorrows sore bewail.
tkl.2.4.08 Is not his body vase that various Sorrows fill,
tkl.2.4.10 Attendant Sorrows plenteous grow.
tkl.3.2.02 A happy Love s Sea of joy; but mightier Sorrows roll

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