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tkl.1.2.06 Through indigence shall never Sorrow s prey be found.
tkl.1.2.06 Sorrow increasing Poverty shall not come upon those who use towards all, Pleasure increasing Sweetness of Speech.
tkl.1.2.07 Forsake thou never Friends who were thy stay in Sorrow sore!
tkl.1.2.07 Friendship of those who wiped on Earth, The Tears of Sorrow from their Eyes.
tkl.1.2.10 Decorum s breach will Sorrow yield eternally.
tkl.1.2.10 Propriety of conduct is the seed of Virtue; impropriety will ever cause Sorrow.
tkl.1.3.01 This great rich Earth over which the wind blows, is a witness that Sorrow never comes upon the kind Hearted.
tkl.1.3.05 The eager Desire of defrauding others will, when it brings forth its Fruit, produce undying Sorrow.
tkl.1.3.08 It is the determination of the spotless not to cause Sorrow to others, although they could (by so causing) obtain the Wealth which confers greatness.
tkl.1.3.08 In an Ascetic inflict suffering even on those who hate him, when he has not done them any Evil, it will afterwards give him irretrievable Sorrow.
tkl.1.3.08 Let not a man consent to do those things to another which, he knows, will cause Sorrow.
tkl.1.3.08 If a man inflict Sorrow upon others in the morning, it will come upon him unsought in the very evening.
tkl.1.3.08 Sorrow will come upon those who cause pain to others; therfore those, who Desire to be free from Sorrow, give no pain to others.
tkl.1.3.12 Sorrow that clings all destroys, shall cling to him no more.
tkl.1.3.12 Where these are, endless rises Sorrow s tide.
tkl.1.3.12 There is no Sorrow to those who are without Desire; but where that is, Sorrow() will incessantly come, more and more.
tkl.1.3.12 Even while in this body, joy will never depart (from the mind, in which) Desire, that Sorrow of Sorrows, has been destroyed.
tkl.2.1.03 Wealth, gained by the unlearned, will give more Sorrow than the Poverty which may come upon the learned.
tkl.2.1.08 There is no greater help than the company of the good; there is no greater source of Sorrow than the company of the wicked.
tkl.2.1.13 Sorrow that will not leave even his posterity will come upon him chooses a stranger whose character he has not known.
tkl.2.1.13 To make choice of one who has not been examined, and to entertain doubts respecting one who has been chosen, will produce irremediable Sorrow.
tkl.2.1.18 His people s Tears of Sorrow past endurance, are not they
tkl.2.1.18 Property gives more Sorrow than Poverty, to those who live under the sceptre of a King without Justice.
tkl.2.1.25 If troubles come, laugh; there is nothing like that, to press upon and drive away Sorrow.
tkl.2.1.25 Though Sorrow, like a flood, comes rolling on,
tkl.2.1.25 A flood of troubles will be overcome by the (courageous) thought which the minds of the wise will entertain, even in Sorrow.
tkl.2.1.25 They give Sorrow to Sorrow, who in Sorrow do not suffer Sorrow.
tkl.2.1.25 Will those men ever cry out in Sorrow, "we are destitute" who, (in their prosperity), give not way to (undue Desire) to keep their Wealth.
tkl.2.1.25 Man s frame is Sorrow s target the noble mind reflects,
tkl.2.1.25 He seeks not joy, to Sorrow man is born, he knows;
tkl.2.1.25 That man never experiences Sorrow, who does not seek for Pleasure, and who considers distress to be natural (to man).
tkl.2.1.25 Mid Sorrows, Sorrow cannot touch his soul.
tkl.2.1.25 He does not suffer Sorrow, in Sorrow who does not look for Pleasure in Pleasure.
tkl.2.2.03 The actions of those, who have not desisted from doing deeds forbidden (by the great), will, even if they succeed, cause them Sorrow.
tkl.2.2.04 So to perform an act as to publish it (only) at its termination is (true) manliness; for to announce it beforehand, will cause irremediable Sorrow.
tkl.2.2.04 Though it should cause increasing Sorrow (at the outset), do with firmness the act that yield bliss (in the end).
tkl.2.3.06 (True) Friendship turns aside from Evil (ways) makes (him) walk in the (good) way, and, in case of loss if shares his Sorrow (with him).
tkl.2.3.19 The sweet words of elegant Braceleted (Prostitutes) who Desire (a man) not from affection but from avarice, will cause Sorrow.
tkl.2.3.20 The Drunkard s joy is Sorrow to his Mother s Eyes;
tkl.3.1.01 Her Eyes will cause (me) no trembling Sorrow, if they are properly hidden by her cruel arched eye brows.
tkl.3.1.06 She with the small garland like Bracelets has given me the Palmyra Horse and the Sorrow that is endured at night.
tkl.3.2.01 Sorrow s sadness meek sustaining, Driving sore distress away,
tkl.3.2.02 He who can produce Sorrow from Friendship, what can he not bring forth out of enmity
tkl.3.2.03 With Sorrow measureless are wasting now away!
tkl.3.2.03 The dyed Eyes that (then) looked without foresight, why should they now endure Sorrow, without feeling sharply (their own fault).
tkl.3.2.05 Would not cupid who abides and contends in one party (only) witness the pain and Sorrow (in that party)?
tkl.3.2.05 Live, O my soul, would you who relate your great Sorrow to Strangers, try rather to fill up your own Sea (of Sorrow).
tkl.3.2.08 My anguish buds space and all my Sorrow grows.
tkl.3.2.08 The evening that (once) came in with trembling and dimness (now) brings me an Aversion for life and increasing Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.08 When night comes on confusing (everyone s) mind, the (whole) Town will lose its sense and be plunged in Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.09 While we endure the unbearable Sorrow, your Eyes weep for him who is gone afar, and shun (the
tkl.3.2.09 The eye, with Sorrow wan, all wet with dew of Tears,
tkl.3.2.09 The dimness of her eye felt Sorrow now,
tkl.3.2.10 O my soul! why remain (here) and suffer thinking (of him)? There are no lewd thoughts (of you) in him who has caused you this Disease of Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.11 The Sorrow I have endured by desiring to go after my absent Lover, in what way is it excellent?
tkl.3.2.12 My Heart is rid of its Sorrow and swells with rapture to think of my absent Lover returning with his Love.
tkl.3.2.12 May my Husband return some day; and then will I enjoy (him) so as to destroy all this agonizing Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.13 The well meant departure of her whose bangles are tight fitting contains a remedy that can cure my great Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.13 The embrace that fills me with comfort and Gladness is capable of enduring (my former) Sorrow and meditating on his want of Love.
tkl.3.2.15 My Soul fears when it is without him; it also fears when it is with him; it is subject to incessant Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.16 The doubt as to whether Intercourse would take place soon or not, creates a Sorrow (even) in feigned dislike.
tkl.3.2.16 What avails Sorrow when I am without a Wife who can understand the cause of my Sorrow?

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