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tkl.1.1.01 What Profit have those derived from learning, who worship not the good feet of Him who is possessed of pure Knowledge
tkl.1.2.14 Those who blush at the want of equity will not commit disgraceful acts through Desire of the Profit that may be gained.
tkl.1.2.15 Death rather than life will confer upon the deceitful backbiter the Profit which (the treatises on) Virtue point out.
tkl.1.2.16 The words devoid of Profit or Pleasure which a man speaks will, being inconsistent with Virtue, remove him from goodness.
tkl.1.2.16 Those wise men who are without faults and are freed from ignorance will not even forgetfully speak things that Profit not.
tkl.1.2.20 Give to the poor and live with praise. There is no greater Profit to man than that.
tkl.2.1.09 Expenditure, return, and Profit of the deed
tkl.2.1.09 Wise men will not, in the hopes of Profit, undertake works that will consume their principal.
tkl.2.1.15 The Profit gained by Wealth s increase,
tkl.2.4.13 The good to those will Profit yield fair words who use;
tkl.2.4.13 The base, like Sugar cane, will Profit those who bruise.

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