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tkl.1.2.14 Those who Desire the higher Pleasures (of Heaven) will not act unjustly through Desire of the trifling joy. (in this life.)
tkl.1.2.16 The wise who seek after rare Pleasures will not speak words that have not much weight in them.
tkl.1.3.11 Renunciation made ev n here true Pleasures men acquire;
tkl.1.3.11 Renounce while time is yet, if to those Pleasures you aspire.
tkl.2.1.06 Avarice, undignified pride, and low Pleasures are faults in a King.
tkl.2.3.18 Where Pleasures of the mind, that dwell in realms of thought, abound,
tkl.2.3.22 On modest temperance as Pleasures pure,
tkl.3.2.18 3.2.18. The Pleasures of Temporary Variance

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