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tkl.1.2.07 Though small as millet seed, as Palm tree vast will seem.
tkl.2.1.06 As Palm tree vast to those who fear disgrace twill seem.
tkl.2.3.20 2.3.20. Not Drinking Palm Wine
tkl.2.3.20 Who Love the Palm s intoxicating juice, each day,
tkl.3.1.01 The Palm tree s fragrant wine, To those who taste yields joys divine;
tkl.3.1.06 Except the helpful Horse of Palm no other strength remains.
tkl.3.1.06 Will lay reserve aside, and mount the Horse of Palm
tkl.3.1.06 To day I nought possess but Lovers Horse of Palm
tkl.3.1.06 Of climbing Horse of Palm in midnight hour, I think;
tkl.3.1.06 Who, vexed by Love like ocean waves, climbs not the Horse of Palm
tkl.3.2.06 Sweeter than Palm Rice Wine the joy Love brings.
tkl.3.2.14 Not Palm tree wine, but Love, yields such delight.
tkl.3.2.14 Though shameful ill it works, dear is the Palm tree Wine

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