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tkl.2.3.06 Friendship with men fulfilled of good Waxes like the crescent Moon;
tkl.2.3.06 The Friendship of the wise waxes like the new Moon; (but) that of fools wanes like the full Moon.
tkl.2.4.01 The defects of the noble will be observed as clearly as the dark spots in the Moon.
tkl.3.1.04 For like another Moon this Maiden s face appears.
tkl.3.1.04 The Stars have become confused in their places not being able to distinguish between the Moon and the maid s countenance.
tkl.3.1.04 In Moon, that waxing waning shines, as sports appear,
tkl.3.1.04 Could there be spots in the face of this maid like those in the bright full Moon
tkl.3.1.04 Farewell, O Moon! If that thine orb could shine
tkl.3.1.04 If you can indeed shine like the face of Women, flourish, O Moon, for then would you be worth loving
tkl.3.1.04 Shine for my Eyes alone, O Moon, shine not for all to see!
tkl.3.1.04 O Moon, if you wish to resemble the face of her whose Eyes are like (these) Flowers, do not appear so as to be seen by all.
tkl.3.1.07 As Darkness, when the dragon seizes on the Moon.
tkl.3.1.07 It was but a single day that I looked on (my Lover); but the rumour thereof has spread like the seizure of the Moon by the serpent.
tkl.3.2.06 Set not; so may st thou prosper, Moon! that Eyes may see
tkl.3.2.06 May you live, O Moon! Do not set, that I mine see him who has departed without quitting my soul.

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