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tkl.2.1.01 He is a King who, with manly Modesty, swerves not from Virtue, and refrains from Vice.
tkl.2.1.04 It is a rare thing to find Modesty, a reverend mouth with those who have not received choice instruction.
tkl.2.1.13 (The King s) choice should (fall) on him, who is of good family, who is free from faults, and who has the Modesty which fears the wounds (of sin).
tkl.2.2.08 The Modesty by which one does not rush forward and speak in (an assembly of) superiors is the best among all (one s) good qualities.
tkl.2.3.20 The fair maid of Modesty will turn her back on those who are guilty of the great and abominable Crime of Drunkenness.
tkl.2.4.01 The high born will never deviate from these Three; good Manners, Truthfulness and Modesty.
tkl.2.4.01 He who Desires a good name must Desire Modesty; and he who Desires (the continuance of) a family greatness must be submissive to all.
tkl.2.4.04 Love, Modesty, Beneficence, benignant Grace,
tkl.2.4.07 True Modesty is the fear of (evil) deeds; all other Modesty is (simply) the bashfulness of virtuous maids.
tkl.2.4.07 Food, clothing and the like are common to all men but Modesty is peculiar to the good.
tkl.2.4.07 As the body is the abode of the spirit, so the excellence of Modesty is the abode of perfection.
tkl.2.4.07 Is not the Modesty Ornament of the noble Without it, their haughtiness would be a pain (to others).
tkl.2.4.07 The World regards as the abode of Modesty him who fear his own and other s guilt.
tkl.2.4.07 The great make Modesty their barrier (of defence) and not the wide world.
tkl.2.4.07 The modest would rather lose their life for the sake of Modesty than lose Modesty for the sake of life.
tkl.2.4.07 Want of manners injures one s family; but want of Modesty injures one s character.
tkl.2.4.07 The actions of those who are without Modesty at Heart are like those of puppet moved by a string.
tkl.3.1.01 Like tender fawn s her eye; Clothed on is she with Modesty;
tkl.3.1.01 Of what use are other Jewels to her who is adorned with Modesty, and the meek looks of a hind
tkl.3.1.06 Modesty and manliness were once my own; now, my own is the Palmyra Horse that is ridden by the lustful.
tkl.3.1.06 The raft of Modesty and manliness, is, alas, carried off by the strong current of Lust.
tkl.3.2.04 He has taken (away) my Beauty and Modesty, and given me instead Disease and sallowness.
tkl.3.2.11 The axe of Lust can break the door of chastity which is bolted with the bolt of Modesty.
tkl.3.2.15 I have even forgotten my Modesty, having been caught in my foolish mind which is not dignified enough to forget him.

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