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tkl.2.1.01 He who possesses these Six things, an Army, a People, Wealth, Ministers, Friends and a Fortress, is a Lion among Kings.
tkl.2.1.07 As a King must use his Ministers as Eyes (in managing his Kingdom), let him well examine their character and qualifications before he engages them.
tkl.2.1.07 What power can work his fall, who faithful Ministers
tkl.2.1.19 The prosperity of that King will waste away, who without reflecting (on his affairs himself), commits them to his Ministers, and (when a failure occurs) gives way to Anger, and rages against them.
tkl.2.1.19 The Earth bears up no greater burden than ignorant men whom a cruel sceptre attaches to itself (as the Ministers of its Evil deeds).
tkl.2.2.00 2.2 Ministers of State
tkl.2.2.01 Those Ministers who are destitute of (executive) ability will fail to carry out their projects, although they may have contrived aright.
tkl.2.2.02 Since (both) Wealth and Evil result from (their) Speech, Ministers should most carefully guard themselves against faultiness therein.
tkl.2.2.03 Ministers should at all times avoid acts which, in addition to Fame, yield no benefit (for the Future).
tkl.2.2.03 Those who have infallible judgement though threatened with peril will not do acts which have brought disgrace (on former Ministers).
tkl.2.2.05 The qualifications of him who faithfully delivers his Sovereign( s) message are purity, the support (of foreign Ministers), and boldness, with truthfulness in addition to the (aforesaid) Three.
tkl.2.2.06 Ministers who serve under fickle minded Monarchs should, like those who warm themselves at the fire, be neither (too) far, nor (too) near.
tkl.2.2.06 For Ministers not to cover the things Desired by their Kings will through the Kings themselves yield them everlasting Wealth.
tkl.2.2.06 Ministers who would save themselves should avoid (the commission of) serious errors for if the King s suspicion is once roused, no one can remove it.
tkl.2.2.06 While in the presence of the Sovereign, Ministers should neither whisper to nor smile at others.
tkl.2.2.06 (When the King is engaged) in secret counsel (with others), Ministers should neither over hear anything whatever nor pry into it with inquisitive questions, but (wait to) listen when it is divulged (by the King himself).
tkl.2.2.06 Ministers should (always) give agreeable Advice but on no occasion recommend useless actions, though requested (to do so).
tkl.2.2.06 Ministers should behave in accordance with the (Divine) light in the person of Kings and not despise them saying, "He is our junior (in age) and connected with our family!".
tkl.2.2.07 If a King gets Ministers who can read the movements of the eye, the Eyes (of foreign Kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their hatred or Friendship.
tkl.2.2.07 The measuring rod of those Ministers() who say "we are acute" will on inquiry be found to be their (own) Eyes and nothing else.
tkl.2.2.08 Ministers should be lights in the assembly of the enlightned, but assume the pure Whiteness of mortar (ignorance) in that of fools.
tkl.2.2.09 Ministers() should agreeably set forth their acquirements before the learned and acquire more Knowledge() from their superiors (in learning).
tkl.2.2.09 In order to reply fearlessly before a foreign court, Ministers() should learn logic according to the rules (of Grammar).
tkl.2.3.15 Though you may incur the hatred of Warriors whose ploughs are bows, incur not that of Ministers whose ploughs are words.

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