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tkl.2.1.01 An Army, People, Wealth, a Minister, Friends, Fort: Six things
tkl.2.1.13 Let (a Minister) be chosen, after he has been tried by means of these Four things, viz, his Virtue, (love of) Money, (love of) sexual Pleasure, and fear of (losing) Life.
tkl.2.2.01 2.2.1. The Office of Minister of state
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister is he who grasps, with Wisdom large,
tkl.2.2.01 The Minister is one who can make an excellent choice of means, time, manner of execution, and the difficult undertaking (itself).
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister must greatness own of guardian power, determined mind,
tkl.2.2.01 The Minister is one who in addition to the aforesaid Five things excels in the possession of firmness, protection of subjects, clearness by learning, and perseverance.
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister is he whose power can Foes divide,
tkl.2.2.01 The Minister is one who can effect discord (among Foes), maintain the good will of his Friends and restore to Friendship those who have seceded (from him).
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister has power to see the methods help afford,
tkl.2.2.01 The Minister is one who is able to comprehend (the whole nature of an undertaking), execute it in the best manner possible, and offer assuring Advice (in time of necessity).
tkl.2.2.01 Although the King be utterly ignorant, it is the duty of the Minister to give (him) sound Advice.
tkl.2.2.01 A Minister who by King s side plots Evil things
tkl.2.2.01 Far better are Seventy crores of Enemies (for a King) than a Minister at his side who intends (his) ruin.
tkl.2.2.01 To Minister, when tact in execution fails.
tkl.2.2.02 The Minister( s) Speech is that which seeks (to express) elements as bind his Friends (to himself) and is so delivered as to make even his Enemies Desire (his Friendship).
tkl.2.2.02 It is the opinion of those who are free from defects in Diplomacy that the Minister should speak so as to make his hearers Desire (to hear more) and grasp the meaning of what he hears himself.
tkl.2.2.03 Let a Minister never do acts of which he would have to grieve saying, "what is this I have done"; (but) should he do (them), it were good that he grieved not.
tkl.2.2.03 Though a Minister may see his Mother starve; let him do not act which the wise would (treat with contempt).
tkl.2.2.03 (For a Minister) to protect (his King) with Wealth obtained by foul means is like preserving a Vessel of wet clay by filling it with Water.
tkl.2.2.06 Knowing the (king s disposition and seeking the right time, (the Minister) should in a pleasing manner suggest things such as are desirable and not disagreeable.
tkl.2.2.06 The (foolish) claim with which a Minister does unbecoming acts because of his (long) familiarity (with the King) will ensure his ruin.
tkl.2.2.07 The Minister who by looking (at the King) understands his mind without being told (of it), will be a perpetual Ornament to the World which is surrounded by a never drying sea.
tkl.2.2.08 (For a Minister) to blunder in the presence of those who have acquired a vast store of learning and know (the value thereof) is like a good man stumbling (and falling away) from the path (of Virtue).

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