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tkl.1.1.04 Lust, Evil Speech these Four, man onwards moves in ordered path.
tkl.1.2.14 Through Lust of gain, no deeds that retribution bring,
tkl.1.2.14 Absence of Lust to make another s cherished riches thine!
tkl.1.2.14 From thoughtless Lust of other s goods springs fatal ill,
tkl.1.3.05 The Lust inveterate of fraudful gain,
tkl.1.3.05 In whom inveterate Lust of fraudful gain is found.
tkl.1.3.12 When Lust and wrath and error s triple tyranny is o er,
tkl.2.1.06 Truly great is the excellence of those (kings) who are free from pride, Anger, and Lust.
tkl.2.3.14 Highly to be Desired is the hatred of him whose Anger is blind, and whose Lust increases beyond measure.
tkl.2.3.18 Those who Lust after their wives will not attain the excellence of Virtue; and it is just this that is not Desired by those who are bent on acquiring Wealth.
tkl.2.4.06 Who Lust to heap up Wealth, but glory hold not dear,
tkl.3.1.03 Love quarrel, reconciliation and Intercourse these are the advantages reaped by those who marry for Lust.
tkl.3.1.06 The raft of Modesty and manliness, is, alas, carried off by the strong current of Lust.
tkl.3.1.06 There is nothing so noble as the Womanly nature that would not ride the Palmyra Horse, though plunged a Sea of Lust.
tkl.3.1.06 Even the Lust (of Women) transgresses its secrecy and appears in public, forgetting that they are too chaste and liberal (to be overcome by it).
tkl.3.1.06 My Lust, feeling that it is not known by all, reels confused in the streets (of this Town).
tkl.3.1.07 As drinking Liquor is delightful (to one) whenever one is in mirth, so is Lust delightful to me whenever it is the subject of rumour.
tkl.3.1.07 This malady (of Lust) is manured by the talk of Women and Watered by the (harsh) words of my mother.
tkl.3.2.02 (Both) Lust and shame, with my Soul for their shoulder pole balance themselves on a body that cannot bear them.
tkl.3.2.02 There is indeed a flood of Lust; but there is no raft of safety to cross it with.
tkl.3.2.02 The Pleasure of Lust is (as great as) the sea; but the pain of Lust is far greater.
tkl.3.2.02 I have swam across the terrible flood of Lust, but have not seen its shore; even at midnight I am alone; still I live.
tkl.3.2.03 Mine Eyes have caused me a Lust that is greater than the Sea and (they themselves) endure the torture of Sleeplessness.
tkl.3.2.05 Lust, like the weight of the KAVADI, pains if it lies in one end only but pleases if it is in both.
tkl.3.2.10 O my good soul, give up either Lust or honour, as for me I can endure neither.
tkl.3.2.11 The axe of Lust can break the door of chastity which is bolted with the bolt of Modesty.
tkl.3.2.11 Even at midnight is my mind worried by Lust, and this one thing, alas! is without Mercy.
tkl.3.2.11 I would conceal my Lust, but alas, it yields not to my will but breaks out like a sneeze.
tkl.3.2.14 To please by thought and cheer by sight is peculiar, not to Liquor but Lust.
tkl.3.2.14 If Women have a Lust that exceeds even the measure of the Palmyra Fruit, they will not Desire (to feign) dislike even as much as the millet.

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