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tkl.1.2.04 The tiny tear shall make the Lover s secret plain.
tkl.3.1.05 My Lover would not depart from mine Eyes; even if I wink, he would not suffer (from pain); he is so ethereal.
tkl.3.1.05 As my Lover abides in my Eyes, I will not even paint them, for he would (then) have to conceal himself.
tkl.3.1.05 Within my Heart my Lover dwells; from Food I turn
tkl.3.1.05 As my Lover is in my Heart, I am afraid of eating (anything) hot, for I know it would pain him.
tkl.3.1.05 I will not wink, knowing that if I did, my Lover would hide himself; and for this reason, this Town says, he is unloving.
tkl.3.1.05 My Lover dwells in my Heart with perpetual delight; but the Town says he is unloving and (therefore) dwells afar.
tkl.3.1.07 It was but a single day that I looked on (my Lover); but the rumour thereof has spread like the seizure of the Moon by the serpent.
tkl.3.1.07 The rumour I Desire is raised by the Town (itself); and my Lover would if Desired consent (to my following him).
tkl.3.2.01 As even the Lover who understands (everything) may at times depart, confidence is hardly possible.
tkl.3.2.01 Painful is it to live in a Friendless Town; but far more painful is it to part from one s Lover.
tkl.3.2.04 I willed my Lover absent should remain;
tkl.3.2.04 My Lover there went forth to roam;
tkl.3.2.04 Just as my Lover departed then, did not sallowness spread here on my person
tkl.3.2.05 Who hear from Lover s Lips no pleasant word from day to day,
tkl.3.2.06 Think on the Lover, and the spirit knows no grief.
tkl.3.2.07 In dreams who ne er their Lover s form perceive,
tkl.3.2.08 In the absence of my Lover, evening comes in like slayers on the field of slaughter.
tkl.3.2.09 As witness of the Lover s lack of Love appears.
tkl.3.2.09 When Lover went, then faded all their wonted charms,
tkl.3.2.10 My Heart! my Lover lives within my mind;
tkl.3.2.11 The dignity that would not go after an absent Lover is not known to those who are sticken by Love.
tkl.3.2.11 The Sorrow I have endured by desiring to go after my absent Lover, in what way is it excellent?
tkl.3.2.11 Are not the enticing words of my trick abounding roguish Lover the Weapon that breaks away my feminine firmness?
tkl.3.2.12 My Heart is rid of its Sorrow and swells with rapture to think of my absent Lover returning with his Love.
tkl.3.2.12 May I look on my Lover till I am satisfied and thereafter will vanish the sallowness of my slender shoulders.
tkl.3.2.13 It was but yesterday my Lover departed (from me); and it is Seven days since my complexion turned sallow.
tkl.3.2.15 And all my Lover s cruelty bemoan.
tkl.3.2.16 To use no kind conciliating art when Lover grieves,

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