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tkl.2.1.05 Unlike the Lotus Flower, now opened wide, now petals strictly closed.
tkl.2.1.05 To secure the Friendship of the great is true Wisdom; it is (also) Wisdom to keep (that Friendship unchanged, and) not opening and closing (like the Lotus Flower).
tkl.2.1.22 With rising flood the rising Lotus Flower its stem unwinds;
tkl.2.1.24 Where man unslothful toils, she of the Lotus Flower is there!
tkl.3.1.03 Is any sweeter joy in his, the Lotus eyed one s Heaven?
tkl.3.1.03 Can the Lotus eyed Vishnu s Heaven be indeed as sweet to those who delight to sleep in the delicate arms of their beloved
tkl.3.1.04 The Lotus, seeing her, with head demiss, the ground would eye,
tkl.3.1.04 If the Blue Lotus could see, it would stoop and look at the ground saying, "I can never resemble the Eyes of this excellent Jewelled one."

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