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tkl.2.3.19 TreacHerous Women, Liquor, and Gambling are the associates of such as have forsaken by Fortune.
tkl.2.3.20 Let no Liquor be drunk; if it is Desired, let it be drunk by those who care not for esteem of the great.
tkl.3.1.07 As drinking Liquor is delightful (to one) whenever one is in mirth, so is Lust delightful to me whenever it is the subject of rumour.
tkl.3.2.06 Sexuality is sweeter than Liquor, because when remembered, it creates a most rapturous delight.
tkl.3.2.14 To please by thought and cheer by sight is peculiar, not to Liquor but Lust.
tkl.3.2.14 O you rogue! your Breast is to me what Liquor is to those who rejoice in it, though it only gives them an unpleasant disgrace.

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