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tkl.2.1.01 Who owns them all, a Lion lives amid the Kings.
tkl.2.1.01 He who possesses these Six things, an Army, a People, Wealth, Ministers, Friends and a Fortress, is a Lion among Kings.
tkl.2.1.01 These Four a light of dreaded Kings reveal.
tkl.2.1.01 He is the light of Kings who has there Four things, Beneficence, Benevolence, Rectitude, and care for his people.
tkl.2.1.17 Not lance gives Kings the Victory,
tkl.2.1.17 No just reproach; tis work assigned to Kings.
tkl.2.1.18 So Kings with sceptred hand implore a gift.
tkl.2.1.18 Righteous government gives permanence to (the Fame of) Kings; without that their Fame will have no endurance.
tkl.2.1.18 Is lack of grace in Kings to all that breathe.
tkl.2.1.23 It is a rare thing for the idle, even when possessed of the riches of Kings who ruled over the whole Earth, to derive any great benefit from it.
tkl.2.2.05 Benevolence high birth, the courtesy Kings Love:
tkl.2.2.05 Should he possess who speaks the words of Kings.
tkl.2.2.05 Midst jav lin bearing Kings who speaks the words of Victory.
tkl.2.2.06 Thus let them act who dwell beneath of warlike Kings the palace roof.
tkl.2.2.06 To those who prize not state that Kings are wont to prize,
tkl.2.2.06 For Ministers not to cover the things Desired by their Kings will through the Kings themselves yield them everlasting Wealth.
tkl.2.2.06 Ministers should behave in accordance with the (Divine) light in the person of Kings and not despise them saying, "He is our junior (in age) and connected with our family!".
tkl.2.2.07 If a King gets Ministers who can read the movements of the eye, the Eyes (of foreign Kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their hatred or Friendship.
tkl.2.3.03 Kings() should rather avoid than seek the accumulation of Wealth which does not flow in with Mercy and Love.
tkl.2.3.10 It is the duty of Kings to affect great Love but make it die (inwardly); as regard those Foes who shew them great Friendship but despise them (in their Heart).
tkl.2.3.17 Kings even fall from high estate and perish in the flame.

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