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tkl.1.1.03 The virtuous are truly called Anthanar; because in their conduct towards all creatures they are clothed in Kindness.
tkl.1.2.07 Kindness shown by those who weigh not what the return may be:
tkl.1.2.07 Kindness of men of stainless Soul remember evermore!
tkl.1.2.14 If he, who through Desire of the Virtue of Kindness abides in the domestic state i.e., the path in which it may be obtained, covet (the property of others) and think of Evil methods (to obtain it), he will perish.
tkl.1.2.15 Though you speak without Kindness before another s face speak not in his absence words which regard not the Evil subsequently resulting from it.
tkl.1.2.18 Even when resources fall, they weary not of Kindness due,
tkl.1.3.01 The Wealth of Kindness is Wealth of Wealth, in as much as the Wealth of property is possessed by the basest of men.
tkl.1.3.01 (Stand) in the good path, consider, and be kind. Even considering according to the conflicting tenets of the different sects, Kindness will be your best aid, (in the acquisition of Heavenly bliss.)
tkl.1.3.01 They will never enter the World of Darkness and wretchedness whose minds are the abode of Kindness.
tkl.1.3.01 (The wise) say that the Evils, which his Soul would dread, will never come upon the man who exercises Kindness and protects the life (of other creatures)
tkl.1.3.01 (The wise) say that those who neglect Kindness and practise cruelties, neglected Virtue (in their former birth), and forgot (the Sorrows which they must suffer.)
tkl.1.3.01 As this World is not for those who are without Wealth, so that World is not for those who are without Kindness.
tkl.1.3.01 Those who are without Wealth may, at some Future time, become prosperous; those who are destitute of Kindness are utterly destitute; for them there is no change.
tkl.1.3.01 If you consider, the Virtue of him who is without Kindness is like the perception of the true being by him who is without Wisdom.
tkl.1.3.02 How can he be possessed of Kindness, who to increase his own Flesh, eats the Flesh of other creatures.
tkl.1.3.02 As those possess no property who do not take care of it, so those possess no Kindness who feed on Flesh.
tkl.1.3.02 If it be asked what is Kindness and what its opposite, the answer would be preservation and destruction of life; and therefore it is not right to feed on the Flesh (obtained by taking away life).
tkl.1.3.05 The study of Kindness and the exercise of benevolence is not with those who watch for another s Forgetfulness, though Desire of his property.
tkl.1.3.08 The (proper) punishment to those who have done Evil (to you), is to put them to shame by showing them Kindness, in return and to forget both the Evil and the good done on both sides.
tkl.2.1.15 When Wealth is fled, old Kindness still to show,
tkl.2.1.15 Even when (a man s) property is all gone, relatives will act towards him with their accustomed Kindness().
tkl.2.1.18 As is the World without rain, so live a people whose King is without Kindness.
tkl.2.1.19 The abundant Wealth of the King whose words are harsh and whose looks are void of Kindness, will instantly perish instead of abiding long, with him.
tkl.2.1.20 When not with duly meted Kindness bright.
tkl.2.1.20 Beyond appearing to be in the face, what good do they do, those Eyes in which is no well regulated Kindness
tkl.2.1.20 The World is theirs (kings) who are able to show Kindness, without injury to their affairs, (administration of Justice).
tkl.2.1.20 Patiently to bear with, and show Kindness to those who grieve us, is the most excellent of all dispositions.
tkl.2.3.05 Its edge is Kindness to our suffering Foes.
tkl.2.4.11 Beggars rejoice exceedingly when they behold those who bestow (their alms) with Kindness and courtesy.
tkl.3.2.07 Him, who in waking hour no Kindness shows,

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