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tkl.1.2.08 If Justice, failing not, its quality maintain,
tkl.2.1.01 Who guards the realm and Justice strict maintains,
tkl.2.1.17 Search out, to no one favour show; with Heart that Justice Loves
tkl.2.1.17 Rain and plentiful crops will ever dwell together in the country of the King who sways his sceptre with Justice.
tkl.2.1.17 And Justice guards the King who right respects.
tkl.2.1.17 The King defends the whole world; and Justice, when adMinistered without defect, defends the King.
tkl.2.1.18 The country of the King who does not daily examine into the wrongs done and distribute Justice, will daily fall to ruin.
tkl.2.1.18 The King, who, without reflecting (on its Evil consequences), perverts Justice, will lose at once both his Wealth and his subjects.
tkl.2.1.18 Property gives more Sorrow than Poverty, to those who live under the sceptre of a King without Justice.
tkl.2.1.18 If the King acts contrary to Justice, rain will become unseasonable, and the Heavens will withhold their showers.
tkl.2.1.20 The World is theirs (kings) who are able to show Kindness, without injury to their affairs, (administration of Justice).

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