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tkl.1.2.02 The excellence of a Wife is the good of her Husband; and good Children are the Jewels of that goodness.
tkl.2.3.01 A Country s Jewels are these Five: unfailing health,
tkl.2.3.19 The wanton s tender arm, with gleaming Jewels decked,
tkl.2.3.19 The delicate shoulders of Prostitutes with excellent Jewels are a Hell into which are plunged the ignorant base.
tkl.3.1.01 Goddess? or Peafowl rare? She whose Earse rich Jewels wear,
tkl.3.1.01 Of what use are other Jewels to her who is adorned with Modesty, and the meek looks of a hind
tkl.3.1.03 Tis so when I approach the maid with gleaming Jewels decked.
tkl.3.1.05 Dissevered from the maid with Jewels rare, I die!
tkl.3.2.12 O thou with gleaming Jewels decked, could I forget for this one day,
tkl.3.2.18 Let her, whose Jewels brightly shine, Aversion feign!

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