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tkl.1.2.02 As doth her Husband s Wealth befit, she spends: help meet is she.
tkl.1.2.02 She who has the excellence of home Virtues, and can expend within the means of her Husband, is a help in the domestic state.
tkl.1.2.02 If she, who does not worship God, but who rising worships her Husband, say, "let it rain," it will rain.
tkl.1.2.02 Who guards herself, for Husband s comfort cares, her household s Fame,
tkl.1.2.02 She is a Wife who unweariedly guards herself, takes care of her Husband, and preserves an unsullied Fame.
tkl.1.2.02 The excellence of a Wife is the good of her Husband; and good Children are the Jewels of that goodness.
tkl.2.3.18 The frailty that stoops to a Wife will always make (her Husband) feel ashamed among the good.
tkl.2.4.06 The Wealth of him who never bestows anything on the destitute is like a Woman of Beauty growing old without a Husband.
tkl.3.2.01 If you would save (my life), delay the departure of my destined Husband(); for if he departs, Intercourse will become impossible.
tkl.3.2.04 Just as Darkness waits for the failing light; so does sallowness wait for the laxity of my Husband s Intercourse.
tkl.3.2.08 Previous to my Husband s departure, I know not the painful nature of evening.
tkl.3.2.12 May my Husband return some day; and then will I enjoy (him) so as to destroy all this agonizing Sorrow.
tkl.3.2.14 Though my Eyes disregard me and do what is pleasing to my Husband, still will they not be satisfied unless they see him.
tkl.3.2.14 See any fault, when I behold my Husband nigh.
tkl.3.2.14 Like the Eyes which see not the pencil that paints it, I cannot see my Husband s fault (just) when I meet him.
tkl.3.2.14 When I see my Husband, I do not see any faults; but when I do not see him, I do not see anything but faults.
tkl.3.2.18 Although my Husband is free from defects, the way in which he embraces me is such as to make me feign dislike.

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