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tkl.1.1.03 Of those who Virtue s Hill have scaled, and stand secure.
tkl.2.3.02 An open space, a Hill, and shade of beauteous Forest near.
tkl.2.3.03 On Hill he s climbed, is he who works with Money in his hand.
tkl.2.3.03 An undertaking of one who has Wealth in one s hands is like viewing an Elephant fight from a Hill top.
tkl.2.3.17 If (the) Hill like Devotees() resolve on destruction, those who seemed to be everlasting will be destroyed root and branch from the Earth.
tkl.2.4.02 Though like a Hill their high estate, they sink to nought.
tkl.2.4.02 Even those who are exalted like a Hill will be thought low, if they commit deeds that are debasing.

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