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tkl.1.2.09 Self control will place (a man) among the Gods; the want of it will drive (him) into the thickest Darkness (of Hell).
tkl.1.3.02 Who eats, Hell swallows him, and renders not again.
tkl.1.3.02 Not to eat Flesh contributes to the continuance of life; therefore if a man eat Flesh, Hell will not open its mouth (to let him escape out, after he has once fallen in).
tkl.2.3.11 The fool will merit Hell in one brief life on Earth,
tkl.2.3.11 A fool can procure in a single birth a Hell into which he may enter and suffer through all the Seven births.
tkl.2.3.19 Is Hell, where sink degraded Souls of men abject.
tkl.2.3.19 The delicate shoulders of Prostitutes with excellent Jewels are a Hell into which are plunged the ignorant base.
tkl.2.3.21 Those who are swallowed by the Goddess called Gambling"" will never have their hunger satisfied, but suffer the pangs of Hell in the next world.

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